17 January 2018

Choosing a venue, where to organize your business negotiation or business meetings!

Where to hold a business meeting or negotiations? This is important question, because the venue will have the largest impact on the final result of your event. And it is obvious, that the result should be as effective as possible. You can arrange a meeting in your office or in the partner's territory, but one way or another, each of these positions is winning only for one of the parties. Experts advise - when you're analyzing the choice of venue you have to consider neutral territory venue. Then each of the parties will feel less tense, and the dialogue can turn out to be constructive and mutually beneficial.

9 January 2018


A large, tastefully decorated conference hall for 150 persons. The hall is equipped with professional presentation and sound equipment and has a dedicated air-conditioning system. With a separate entrance, cloakroom, private rest room (for the event organizers) and a lounge area directly opposite the entrance to the conference hall, visitors are bound to be comfortable.